I'm an amature handy man that buys and "flips" homes in the Atlanta metro.  When I first came by your site I almost couldn't believe the claim being made "you will not need to pay a monthly charge to locate foreclosured homes EVER again.", but, since I've been paying another site $20 a month for the last 2 1/2 years I thought for 6 bucks I'm willing to try it. 

All I can say now is thank you. 

Thank you for getting these sites to me.  I can't believe I've spent the last 2+ years paying for foreclosure listings.  I wish I'd found this information a long time ago.  I always thought finding repo'd homes was some type of hidden secret.  I was wrong.  Thank you for making this so easy (and cheap) for me.  


Rod H.

Marietta, GA   






Thanks for these sites.  Your saving me just under $40 a month from <removed>.  Never again.  Thanks for everything.

I'm telling everyone I know about  this site. 

You guys are the best!

Mike K.

Mesa, AZ 






I placed an order with you just yesterday and all I have to say is, wow!  

I've just started going through the information you sent and it's really nice to know what foreclosed homes are on the market AND which banks are selling them.  I've purchased (and flipped) bank owned homes before and I've noticed it's a lot easier low balling a bank then a home owner.  Also, some of the bigger banks seem more willing to entertain lower offers.  What's nice about this is that I can identify which homes I'm interested in BEFORE I contact a realtor.  Good stuff.  Keep up the great work.

Thank you,

Gary S.

Des Moines, IA  





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