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Home Foreclosures Found is the premier source in providing free foreclosure listings and may be the only place that does not charge users a monthly service fee to locate free foreclosure properties currently for sale. 

Most other foreclosure sites tap into the same free data we provide to populate their own sites so they can charge monthly service fees.  Additionally, these foreclosure sites often use outdated foreclosure information to make it appear that there are more properties available than what is really on the market. 

HomeForeclosuresFound.com rejects that as unethical and for that reason has set out to provide the direct source selling foreclosure properties.

We provide the information you're looking for totally free.  Free of cost, free of registration, and free of obligation.  See below, once you use our site to access the the links to over 40 of the best free foreclosure sites such as HUD, VA, Wells Fargo, and many more you will want to share this site with all your friends.

You will not need to pay a monthly charge to locate free foreclosure homes EVER again.

The news stories have continued into 2011.  The mortgage crisis is still not over.  Government bailouts to the banks, auto industry, and essentially anyone the government determines "can't fail" continue to happen in 2011.  This may lead you to think to yourself, "How can I better my financial status in this mess?". Some people have made a great living by purchasing foreclosed properties and "flipping" those homes for profit.

Perhaps flipping a home is not your thing,  Maybe you are simply looking at foreclosures to find a good home with immediate equity. 

People are getting into homes today for thousands of dollars less than the same homes would have cost them just a few years ago.

In addition to the price of homes going down in many areas, interest rates continue to stay at near record low numbers.

There may have never been a better time to purchase real estate in America.  The special $8000 tax credit is over, but interest rates are still near historic lows and foreclosed properties abound.  Low interest rates, and low sale prices on bank owned homes make now the best time to enter the housing market.  Buying a foreclosure property will add to your savings.   

The problem is most people interested in saving thousands on a home purchase have no idea how to find distressed or foreclosed homes themselves.  Most homebuyers end up settling with paying some insane monthly cost to a web site that does nothing more than provide a couple of maps and fancy graphics to access foreclosure listing information that is free to view on other sites. If everyone knew where to look for foreclosure listings, these pay by month sites would all be out of business.  The pay by month sites don't ever want you to know where to find these homes because in the end, that would cause their customer base to stop paying $20 a month to search for free foreclosure information.  We've even seen one web site charge as much as $39/month just to locate foreclosure listings!

So you're sitting there now saying, yea that's true, I've seen that, but it still doesn't help me because I don't even know where to find foreclosure listings on my own.

Not anymore.

HomeForeclosuresFound.com will show you exactly where to find the free government foreclosure listings, free bank foreclosure listings, as well as a site that many banks utilize to on-line auction some of their foreclosure listings.  You could save thousands of dollars, or even start a career flipping these properties. Your first step is always to find the them.

There is no charge.  You are now able to search 40 of the top bank and government free foreclosure listing websites for free.  You will gain access to the same information most pay-for-membership sites charge $19.95 for every month. You will immediately be able to find thousands of homes all over the US and will never need to pay another monthly service charge!

Don't wait, if you're even considering buying a home, you need this information.  

Think about it, the banks and government agencies need to unload their housing inventory and for that reason they do not charge to access their listings.  All you need to get started is to know where to look.

You want to save money buying a home, doesn't it make sense to save money finding one too?

href="https://va.equator.com/index.cfm?" target=_blank>Department of Veterans Affairs


RealtyBid contains foreclosure or bank owned property auctions in all 50 states, but as most auction sites the percentage is much higher in states like Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin and California.  Still, this is a good site to check out.


Auction has far less foreclosure or bank owned properties available than RealtyBid at the time I last checked, but is still worth checking out. 


Government/Quasi-Government Owned





href="https://va.equator.com/index.cfm?" target=_blank>Department of Veterans Affairs

href="http://www.treasury.gov/auctions/irs/cat_Real7.htm" target=_blank>Department of the Treasury IRS

href="http://www.sas.usace.army.mil/hapinv/haphomes.html" target=_blank>US Army Corp of Engineers

CustomsDepartment of Veterans Affairs

href="https://va.equator.com/index.cfm?" target=_blank>Department of Veterans Affairs

href="https://va.equator.com/index.cfm?" target=_blank>Department of Veterans Affairs

href="https://va.equator.com/index.cfm?" target=_blank>Department of Veterans Affairs


Search of Bank-owned, Government-owned, HUD, and other REO foreclosed homes.

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Our mission at HomeForeclosuresFound.com is to provide you with the direct sources selling foreclosure listings, so you only have the most up to date foreclosure listings without the monthly fee!




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